Friday, June 13, 2014

Kamira Court, Villawood still waiting.

  • Frances Sacco  
  • Fairfield Advance  
June 12, 2014 9:51AM  
VACANT land in Villawood capable of housing 280 units lies idle while low-income earners in the Fairfield area wait more than 10 years for public housing. 
The 1.5ha site at Kamira Court, which is owned by the NSW Land and Housing Corporation, was announced as the location for a combination of public housing and privately-owned low-cost housing in February 2011.
Three years on and a Family and Community Services spokesman said the land was now part of a strategic review into its property portfolio.
“The future of Kamira Court will be carefully considered as part of this process,” he said.
Western Sydney Housing Coalition convener Simon Emsley said the time for review was over.
“I don’t think they should waste time wondering what to do with it — I think they should just get on and build it,” he said.
The previous Labor government announced 111 social housing units for elderly tenants, as well as 169 privately-owned units with affordable rental prices.
“I think it’s about government priorities and that’s not unique to this government,” Mr Emsley said.
He said the need for public housing in Fairfield and surrounding areas was acute, because it was the last place many people could afford before being forced to go to the bush.
A Family and Community Services spokesman pointed to 27 new social housing dwellings built in the Fairfield area since November last year.

A Fairfield Council spokeswoman said the council would continue to support development of sites like Kamira Court and the Bonnyrigg housing estate to promote affordable private housing and social housing.

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