Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The state of the art of estate redevelopment

Over the last 10 years, estate redevelopment has become an increasingly big thing for Housing NSW – and for the many tenants who have to live with it. Looking ahead, it's only going to get bigger.

When news breaks that your estate is to be redeveloped, it can be hard to know where you stand. Should I go? Should I come back? Should the redevelopment happen at all? Plans get made and revised. People come and go. Work starts and stops. Promises may be made, and broken.

The purpose of this blog is to try to keep track of what's happening with estate redevelopment, on the ground in each estate. We'll try to log announcements, events and changes of plans as they happen, and link back to earlier information so you can see how things may have changed.

In doing so, we'll be taking our information from official public statements and documents by Housing NSW, the NSW Land and Housing Corporation, and the responsible Ministers, from media reports, and from tenants and workers on estates – so please tell us what you know in the comments or by email.

Hopefully all of us – tenants, advocates, housing officers, Ministers! – will become a bit better informed, and a bit wiser, about how social housing estate redevelopment is actually going, and how it might go better.


  1. This is really important. Thanks guys. I'm a low-income senior still in the commercial rental market, and have been on the Housing Emergency list for three years. I have been made two offers which were not appropriate, and my appeals were accepted, and one that I rejected for very real, (but unacceptable to Housing) personal reasons, so I have one offer remaining. In the past 6 years I have spent a total of a whole year seeking accommodation, and spent a period of time homeless, on three separate occasions. I am now accommodated for the time being, and simply could not stand the stress of moving again until I have finished writing my book, so I asked them to take me off the emergency list until I am finished and ready to move again. Hopefully, I will be offered something suitable then, because I am getting to old and disabled to repeat this experience any more.

  2. Thanks Dr Merlyn, and good luck with the book and with getting stably housed in the private rental market. Not sure which is the tougher job.

    The private rental market is not a very friendly place for seniors - we'll do some posts on this soon.

    All the best