Friday, September 6, 2013

Apollo estate (East Dubbo) to be sold

A different sort of social housing estate redevelopment: public housing tenants at the Apollo estate in East Dubbo have been informed that their houses are to be put on the market for sale to individual buyers. The objective, says the NSW State Government, is to reduce the concentration of social housing in East Dubbo.

(Apollo House)

The Government says that about 60 properties will be sold, and that there are no plans to build any new social housing stock in Dubbo – so it is not just the concentration, but the absolute amount of social housing that will be reduced.

What will become of the tenants? They're invited to consider buying their houses when they come up for sale. The local MP is encouraging them to do so, noting:

Buying a house would bring with it the benefit of the pride of ownership.

Hmm. It looks like a fairly proud bunch of tenants who participated in the recent Building Stronger Communities program, which invested in a range of community planning activities; support services; education, training and employment opportunities; and landscaping and other physical improvements to the estate. This program wrapped up in 2011.

Those not buying can expect to be offered alternative social housing... but where?

If you've any news from the ground at East Dubbo, please let us know.

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