Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Randwick UAPs 'on hold'

We mentioned a few months ago the Urban Activation Precincts (UAPs) covering parts of Randwick/Kensington and Anzac Parade that include social housing estates.

Both those UAPs are now on hold, with NSW Planning and Infrastructure promising to return with further plans and consultation early this year. See the Herald's report for comment by various interests.

Monday, January 6, 2014

On the lookout for social housing strategies

The Auditor-General's report in July last year set out the context for much of the present interest in social housing redevelopment (we discussed the report in this post on the Brown Couch). The report also recommended Housing NSW and the NSW Land and Housing Corporation produce some policy statements on social housing strategy in this State – and recommended some dates for their production.

Keep a lookout for movement on the following recommendations:

  • HNSW should, by December 2013, complete a social housing policy that aligns tenant management with emerging client need.  
  • LAHC should... by December 2013, complete and release an asset portfolio strategy that delivers housing at an appropriate standard and shows how future new supply housing will align with emerging client need.  
  • LAHC in consultation with HNSW by December 2013, finalise the government’s long-term strategy for managing public housing estates to deliver a sustainable reduction in disadvantage on estates. 
  • HNSW and LAHC should... by June 2014, develop organisational plans that are clearly linked to their social housing policy, asset portfolio strategy and estate strategy including:
− gap analysis
− objectives
− targets
− funding
− performance measures and progress reporting.