Monday, July 8, 2013

Anzac Parade South: consultation

As we mentioned in our last post the NSW State Government is proposing to increase heights and density along Anzac Parade South.

Kingsford and Maroubra from the air (photo: Bidgee)

Some social housing estates are included in this process.

The Government is about to start consulting with the community on these projects and like Randwick Council, who provided this information in a recent e-news bulletin, we think it is important residents know what is going on and how to be involved.

Find out about the consultation processes in the Draft NSW Urban Activation Precincts Guideline.
    We liked the following in the Draft NSW Urban Activation Precincts Guideline:
      “Community engagement is important when investigating potential changes to a precinct. In addition to the formal public exhibition process, community reference groups may also be established where the Department considers it appropriate. These groups should include a broad membership from the local community. The purpose of these groups will be for representative members of all sections of the community to access information and provide better informed feedback throughout the investigation process. Other community engagement techniques may also be used, tailored to the individual precincts.”
        We think major changes to social housing make it appropriate to have a community reference group. Local communities know what local communities need.


        1. I am President of the Ivanhoe Estate Tenant Group at Macquarie Park and we have been Meeting with our own Community Reference Group. We will be having 4 x 33 storeys at the Station here and 10-15 storeys and quite a few 22 storeys. When it comes to the UAP Meetings I am not sure that it really is Community Consultation as you really are instructed on what you should be thinking. We here on the Ivanhoe Estate have been put under the worst type of pressure by this process...all they see is $$$$$$$ the people are not important

          1. Thanks very much for that Marie. We'll make whatever enquiries we can about Ivanhoe Estate through our liaison with the Land & Housing Corporation. Please stay in touch.